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Principes veri vidisse ut melius dicta constituam phaedrum copiosae. Fastidii. Fierent.


Cornices are best handled by carefully approaching the crest and always having a good safety margin to the drive edge on mountain ridges. Never a chance. Avoid riding on or even near protruding suspension drives. Also reduce the time you are exposed below large hand drives, especially shortly after snow drives and during periods of hot air temperatures. About & nbsp; the hangover would collapse, it could start an avalanche on the slope below.


Cornices is formed when wind-transported snow accumulates near steep crests and is often protruding.
They can be difficult to detect from above and can also be triggered behind the rider.
Because they are heavy, hanging drifts often cause large avalanches on the slope below.
The problem is most common during or shortly after the suspension is formed before the snow has bound together sufficiently.
Often associated with recent snow drifts or sharp temperature changes.
Large cornices, with poor support, in steep terrain can be triggered long after they have formed.