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This is (Swedish Avalanche forecasts)

We have created this website for visitors in the Swedish mountains in wintertime. Here you will find daily assessments of the avalanche danger for six popular Swedish mountain areas. The avalanche forecasting service have a field team of observers that gather data and first- hand information from the field, such as avalanche observations, snow profiles and field weather data.  With support from SMHI meteorologists and specialised weather forecasts the avalanche forecasters process all the information available in order to issue the best possible avalanche forecast with the associated recommendations. Use the forecasts to make safer decisions on the mountain. However, remember that you are responsible managing your risk. Your decisions determine the level of risk.. Where, when, how and with whom you go can greatly have effect on your exposure to avalanche hazard. is operated by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket). Data for the forecasts is collected in collaboration with other authorities and a number of organisations operating in the Swedish mountain range.